Carbon Tracker has criticised government policies for giving ‘mixed messages’ on climate change.
Infrastructure at the Surmont oil field
Passive bond funds may have financed an acquisition which will breach their thresholds for oil sands involvement.
The supervisor has issued voluntary guidance ahead of future mandatory requirements.
image of Earth made of water and forests
Up to 80 companies will be selected for engagement by investors, according to RFP.
ANZ has been identified as the worst performer due to policy, governance and disclosure shortcomings.
German insurer's CFO says US political and legal system can be 'very tricky' on earnings call, NZIA withdrawal in line with fiduciary duty.
Troubled by the sluggish pace of progress and recent setbacks in ambition, investors are turning to the sector's clients to reduce demand.
Business recruitment or hiring photo concept.
Rising awareness of the risks and opportunities of biodiversity is prompting financial firms to tap senior talent from outside the sector.
The GTAG suggests allowing firms to disclose the extent to which they meet DNSH criteria, reducing qualitative language and streamlining data points.
Investors sour on UK’s green debt programme as Insight Investment reveals it downgraded bonds' impact rating over policy delays.

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