UK ethical fund sales jump 25% in a year: IMA

AUM in ethical funds up £1.1bn in 2009.

Sales of UK retail ethical funds after costs outstripped those of index tracker funds in the final quarter of 2009, according to the latest investment flow statistics released by the UK Investment Management Association (IMA).
Assets under management in ethical funds jumped by £1.1bn between December 2008 and December 2009 from £4.5bn to £5.6bn. The IMA said net ethical fund retail sales reached £62.2m on gross sales of £185.8m inthe final quarter of the year, up from £55.2m net sales in the same quarter of 2008. That compared with a net loss of -£14.4m in UK retail tracker funds on gross sales of £521.9m, which was significantly down on net tracker funds sales of £279.4m in Q3, 2008.
There are currently 54 ethical retail funds in the UK market compared with 70 tracker funds with £27.7bn in assets.
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