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Jon Williams, Accenture
RI’s Transition Finance Focus: In a murky regulatory environment, Accenture's Jon Williams asks whether banks should pass the buck to customers or adjust their plans to transition.
map of Australasia
RI’s Transition Finance Focus: After a slow start, change is underway in Australia, writes Emma Herd.
RI's Transition Finance Focus: Maria Nazarova-Doyle of IFM Investors highlights the opportunities for infrastructure investors in high-emitting sectors such as transport.
Simon Glynn headshot
Microfinance's loss of focus should serve as a warning for proponents and practitioners of climate finance, writes Simon Glynn.
In the second part of RI's Transition Finance Focus, Deborah Gordon and Elizabeth Harnett of RMI say financing for the energy transition needs systems thinking to address rising global demand.
Could climate activists do more harm than good by clinging to an unachievable target, asks RI's guest columnist.
Vanessa Havard-Williams headshot
In the first instalment of RI's Transition Finance Focus, Vanessa Havard-Williams outlines the UK's plans to establish itself as a global transition hub.
Emily Pierce and Johanna Fager Wettergren propose 'equivalence with conditions' to bring the ‘building blocks’ vision to life while also advancing EU policy goals.
Industrial policy is key to decarbonising the economy but financial policy should not be seen as 'second best', says RI's new columnist.
Simon Glynn headshot
Climate action requires a shift away from a focus primarily on 'risk-minded' stakeholders, writes Simon Glynn.

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