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RI looks at the different strategies of older and newer impact approaches
Campaign groups are backed by responsible investors in the US
Biden’s appointment of Gensler as SEC Chair isn’t the only move. As the agency gears up for a sustainable finance drive, Paul Hodgson takes a look at who else is behind the wheel.
A majority of GE shareholders voted against executive compensation yesterday, despite the CEO giving up his annual bonus and most of his annual salary
The CRA could allow Biden’s administration to axe some Trump-era regulations. As well as anti-environment rules, the new US president has his eye on those making it harder to file shareholder resolutions
A 2010 shareholder lawsuit focuses on whether alleged misleading statements hurt investor value. More than 10 years later it has found itself with the US Supreme Court
Remuneration and pay equity is a key battleground for investors reflecting on equality, race and the recovery from Covid
Some companies have shown altruism during the Covid crisis, says Paul Hodgson. Others have not.
Mercy Investments and Boston Trust Walden reveal they’ve withdrawn a shareholder resolution at BlackRock asking it to align its voting with its climate rhetoric. Why?
A new generation of shareholder proposals are asking firms to look at economy-wide risks, not just those that pertain to an individual company

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