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Cracked brick wall painted with a flag of China on the left and a flag of Uyghur on the right.
The risk of complicity in abuses against the Uyghur population highlights the need for investors to focus on supply chain transparency.
Pension funds come under pressure as corporate disclosure rules and a groundbreaking sovereign SLB set the stage for a ramp-up in sustainable finance.
Assets signed up to annual investor statement to governments on the climate crisis fall against 2021, State Street drops support.
A picture of Bogota
LatAm green leader set to develop own ESG bond guidelines and will look to measure impact of biodiversity loss on financial stability.
The latest developments in ESG-related funds: HSBC AM announces world first biodiversity-screened ETF, Nordea launches ESG EM debt fund.
Net-zero commitments are prompting asset managers and owners to address the climate implications of investing in government debt.
The latest developments in sustainable finance: World Bank publishes bond impact report; IFC launches consultation on biodiversity finance reference guide.
The latest developments in sustainable finance: Most pension funds 'do not believe net-zero commitments are achievable', UK government plans legislation to block Israel boycotts.
The latest developments in ESG-related funds: Border to Coast launches EM equity fund, MSIM launches six article 9 funds

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