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The latest developments in sustainable finance: ISS ESG launches inaugural ESG corporate rating survey; TPR issues first fine under TCFD regs.
Troubled by the sluggish pace of progress and recent setbacks in ambition, investors are turning to the sector's clients to reduce demand.
Pædagogernes Pension (PBU) has spent several years pressuring the e-commerce giant.
Research modelled cost implications for bonds issued by the six states if they enacted similar legislation to Texas, which resulted in the boycotting of major financiers.
Norwegian pension defends decision to exclude CoreCivic and GEO Group over alleged human rights violations.
Moves come as a UN report confirmed evidence of slave labour against Muslim minority groups.
Separately, the $9.8bn NGS Super fund has divested oil and gas majors Woodside, Santos.
Climate finance initiative seeks feedback on guidance for transition plans that it hopes will form the basis of regulation.
Have the outbreak of war, promises of increased government spending on defence, and calls for support from the private sector shifted attitudes to the sector? We asked investors for their views.
Bharat Electronics and Elbit Systems are also amongst excluded companies.

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