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Financial firms are increasingly looking to mindfulness training as a way to improve staff well-being and performance. But could it have broader implications for the future of finance?
The CIO reflects on diverging views on how to integrate ESG
Following the huge demand to attend the in-person taster session for the Certificate in Sustainable Investing and Finance (CSIF) in London on November 27th ( https://www.responsible-investor.com/events/events_page/csif_pre_course_with_andreas_hoepner_london/ )we are broadcasting a shorter version via a webinar on Tuesday 10th December. The CSIF program aims to introduce sustainable investment professionals and intermediaries from the responsible investment space into modern finance and investment practice. It provides sustainable investment proponents with deeply needed technical and conceptual knowledge of financial markets, and modern methods of financial decision-making such as financial data science. The webinar will include: 1 Why Climate Transition Investing (CTI)? 1a) The fine but crucial differences between the ‘Net Zero’ and the ’2 degree’ target 1b) CTI & the IPCC trajectory: ‘Developed by scientists’ not just ‘science-based’1c) Imperatives for the Global GHG Diet: Discipline & Measurement What is Climate Transition Investing (CTI)? 2a) The Planet Parameter: -7% on average per annum 2b) Baselines for both versions of Climate Transition Investing 2c) Greenwashing Preventions How can anyone advance in Climate Transition Investing (CTI)? 3a) Climate Transition Investing across Asset Classes 3b) Estimating Absolute GHG emissions 3c) Scaling GHG Intensity measures without sectoral bias (i.e. GHG/revenue is biased in favour of Coal and Integrated O&G)
Material to inform and educate clients tends to be too complex for its audience
Jane Ambachtsheer remembers a key figure in the development of responsible investment
Second in the series of RI's C-suite Leaders interviews
The Generation IM founder takes a warts and all look at responsible investment today.
Join us on 23 September at 4pm BST as we explore the topic of ESG integration in manager selection and monitoring. The webinar will feature industry experts from Aon and the San Francisco Employee’s Retirement System (SFERS). As the effects of climate change shape our world, investors are coming under increasing pressure to integrate ESG into their processes. For asset owners who rely on external managers, it is vital to be able to understand and monitor the integration process. For those selecting funds on behalf of their clients, it is important to validate how ESG is being incorporated and if it is being done on a consistent basis. Responsible Investor and Style Analytics are holding this webinar to discuss real examples of ESG integration, including a review of the key challenges faced and lessons learned from a public pension fund. The speakers will also explore how ESG approaches differ between the US and the UK, the tools and practices developed to select and monitor fund managers, and how the industry can look at ESG alongside other traditional factors. They will answer live audience questions at the end of the webinar. Speakers: Andrew Collins, Director of ESG & Responsible Investing, City and County of San Francisco Retirement System Tim Manuel, UK Head of Responsible Investment, Aon Bernie Nelson, President of Style Analytics North America Moderator: Tony Hay, Publisher, Responsible Investor
From pioneering Clean Energy Bond programs to flexing their stewardship muscle on key social issues during the proxy season, public sector pensions are waking up to their influence in the capital markets. This unique webinar will explore the market power of public sector pension funds in accelerating the energy transition, enhancing corporate governance standards at the world’s largest corporations, and in addressing key social issues holding back economic growth - inequality and systematic under-investment in human capital development, clean energy and transport infrastructure. Join us to learn how state and municipal treasurers are responding to key ESG themes, and how public pension funds are assessing the reality of sustainable investing. Find out who is leading the way, and what lessons have been learned en route to more robust ESG integration and long-term value creation. SPEAKERS ● Tobias Read, Oregon State Treasurer ● Randy Rice, General Treasurer of the State of Rhode Island ● Millicent Budhai, Director of Corporate Governance, NYC Comptroller's Office Moderator: Paul Verney, Journalist, Responsible Investor
Hear from the UN body that is evolving the SDGs 3 years on, on the Ethical Finance 2018 conference pre-event webinar. Ahead of the Ethical Finance 2018 conference on October 22/23 in Edinburgh, meet the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the lead UN development agency for implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with governments. The UNDP is a supporting partner for the Ethical Finance 2018 Conference, along with the UK and Scottish governments. On this webinar, Responsible Investor's Managing Editor will talk to Gail Hurley, UNDP Policy Specialist for Development Finance, about the work the UNDP is doing on driving the SDGs with policy makers, and about how they see the role of investors within that. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to put your questions to UNDP about the evolution of the world’s biggest sustainability initiative! Speakers: Gail Hurley, Policy Specialist Development Finance, UNDP Hugh Wheelan, Managing Editor, Responsible Investor

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